Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Friday, July 8, 2011

New Wand and Boy, You owe me Dragons Hoard

Earlier today, I hosted a contest on twitter, The rules were to Type in the True Friends Code and Marissa Petal won a dragon hoard set, I spent practically all my crowns on it. and My favorite things i got: Shoes, Snacks and Pets. Also, I was walking and looking in bazaar, when I saw the wand of my dreams. 216 crowns left and I had the perfect idea. STITCH IT! :) Here is what It came out to be:

I really love that wand. I have always wanted it! Now I have it ;)
ALright well those news are taken care of, Also. I have started PvP RANKED! It is very fun, Worth it, And it gives you advantages :O. Well thats it :) Bye guys!
~Wolf Ice~


KIFreeGames is hosting a great event where every 50 minutes or so they post a code on Twitter.Com, That is where I won my warpwood Wand.(The one Wolf Ice has) Its a great event. I won my friend a bengal tiger 7 day mount aswell. to Check that out go to Twitter and type in Kingsisle on the search! they give away peeettttsss :) Lol. OK thanks for reading this post!
Alright! Seeya!
~Wolf Ice~

Butterfly Wingz!

Hey guys, Wolf Ice here. Goooooood Newwwwwz! The Butterfly Wings mount is here! I think they look, very amusing. Take a look:
Ah. They're Beautiful aren't they?
Those are my favorite so far, I have to say I give wizard101 10/10 for awesome designs.  Also I am getting 5000 crowns today, so Imma try to find as much goodies on Dragons Hoard.(My favorite items are mostly the Mount the sword and clothes. PLUS the sea dragon ;}) Yupp. I am really excited for the stuff the 101 team will make next. Aren't you guys? 

My Twitter (me) 
K Thanks! Seeya! ~Wolf Ice~

Thursday, July 7, 2011

2 new Pages

Alejandro Life here, I have made 2 new tabs, They contain Wizard101 Icons and the Spells, I do NOT have 58 spells and new ones.. I will get them as soon as possible, I will add a 3rd tab for the Doodles, a Fourth one for the other important things and a Fifth one for fun :) Also you may have noticed the blog list I have put on the side, My favorite blogs. (i reccomend you visit friendly's) So yeah, Also I have made a Facebook Page:
so Click HERE to check that out and like it :) I Will be answering questions aswell. So thanks for your time, Seeya!
~Alejandro Life.

Ice Armor Quest = Success :)

Hey Guys, I have great news, my Ice (Wolf Ice, lvl 19 atm) Has learned my favorite spell of all...ICE ARMOR! it Wasnt much of a deal, until I had to fight this frost dude. 1050 health me, him 545, his  minion 450, and one of them is ice. Gee, Thanks Proffeser Greyrose, I LOVE fleeing a battle once in a while when no one can help me ;) ANYWAYS! My 3 favorite parts of this quest. I summoned a ICE WYVERN!

Yes I know, I am small compared to him, And he is big. Sorry I could not get the face -.-
now, On to my next favorite part,  I finally defeated Mr. Frost Collosus with 500+ health

.............i didnt get a picture. CRUD!
Now onto my 3rd favorite ICE ARMO-.... i forgot a period. '.' ICE ARMOR!!!!
The moment of joy...and recieving two tips while i was taking the picture. Oh how I love Wizard101. Well, Thats all I needed to share :P Thanks for Coming to my blog. :)
Sincerely, Alejandro & Wolf.


Well, I have made a Wizard101 blog. .-. and as you can see, my title says"NEWZ with wolf ice and Alejandro life. well, THOSE TWO ARE ME :). if you have seen me b4 on w101, which i am sure you have not, please, take a look :P
wolf ice :P

and alejandro life. *ale ale JANDRO!
anywhodiwholachoo, KIFreeGames has been giving out various different codes for items, such as staffs, i won a wand from it, as you can see, mounts, and others! i have been  checking the updates on codes and they give em out usually, every 50 minutes or 3 hours. yesterday i got mine within 6 minutes of the tweet ;D lots of positive replys to it. Follow my twitter, @xBlackVanZx and my facebook  page WHICH i shall make later. and if you can please follow this blog, spread it, i shall be happy. ;D ALSO please follow thefriendlynecromancers blog(thomas lionblood) Click HERE! (for Thomas's blog.) 
Have Fun in the world of 101!
~Alejandro and Wolf.~